Questions and answers

What does Albedo100 mean?

Albedo is a measure of reflective ability, or the amount of light reflecting from a lit-up surface or body. 1.00 albedo means that all light is reflected and 0.00 means that no light at all is reflected. Earths albedo is in general 0.3. Snow can have an albedo value on up to 0.95, which is why one might get extra sunburnt in sunny conditions when surrounded by snow.

How does Albedo100 work?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray reflects the light only in the same direction as the light-source comes from (retroreflective). Only someone behind the light-source can see the reflection. When light from a car hit you, only the people in the car can see your reflection, not the people who is standing in the “wrong” angle compared to the source of light. Our recommendations are to spray the product or yourself as low as possibly since a car´s headlights, at half-beam, generally are directed towards the ground. Preferably, spray/roll-on the product on your legs or other mobile parts.The combination of the beam’s angle and a light-reflective surface on your lower and especially mobile parts results in best visibility.

How long will a can last?

When spraying, 1 ml/sec is used up. One 200 ml can will therefore last up to 100 times when spraying in 2 sec bursts. Reflect-On will last up to 50 m of application.

What is in Albedo100 Reflective Spray?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray consists of transparent glue, reflective microspheres and propellant gas (butane/propane gas which is the same as used in commercial hairspray. It drives out the particles, but do not attach to the surfaces sprayed on. All commercial products containing propellants warn about not inhaling the product since this could cause drowsiness, same goes for our Reflective Spray products). To optimize the different types of spray to stick to a range of surfaces, each type of spray contains its own formula.

Is Albedo100 Reflective Spray dangerous?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray is not dangerous, bur like other spray-products it must be used as directed and with a sound judgement, and not by children. Only spray in well-ventilated areas, preferably outdoors. Do not spray near eyes, nose and mouth, and do not inhale the spray mist just like you would not inhale the mist from hairspray. All commercial products containing propellants warn about not inhaling the product since this could cause drowsiness, same goes for our Reflective Spray products.

Can Albedo100 Reflective Spray irritate the skin?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray contains components that are non-irritable for the skin. For example, the glue used in the product is like the glue used in surgical operations. If you have very sensitive skin, you should take precautions not to spray directly on the skin.

Does Albedo100 Textile stick to all types of textiles?

Albedo100 Textile sticks to dry textiles and works best on fibrous materials like jeans, fleece, linen etc. The spray does not stick as well on shiny, low adhesive surfaces like synthetic materials such as some types of nylon.

Are there some clothes or materials I should avoid spraying Albedo100 Textile on?

You can spray on all clothes made of natural material except leather which is hard to remove it from. Albedo100 Textile do not affect the materials surface, its colour and feel, but has a low performance on shiny surfaces with low adhesion properties like rubber boots and synthetic materials such as nylon.

I am spraying Albedo100 Textile Spray on my jeans – but I can´t see any effect?

If following the instructions, you should get a light-reflective surface that is invisible for the eye unless hit by light from the right angle. To achieve a light-reflective surface, shake the can vigorously, spray for about 1-3 sec for each targeted surface area on a 30 cm distance holding the bottle upright. Repeat until you have covered the entire intended area. Only spray on dry surfaces or the light-reflective effect will highly diminish. You will not be able to see the light-reflective surface until it is hit by light when controlling the effect as in following examples; At eye-level, shine a bright flashlight on the sprayed area. Or, take a photo with your mobile phone using the flashlight to study the picture and the products light-reflective effect. You can also sit in a car and via the car´s headlights control an object from a distance.

How long will Albedo100 Textile and Reflect-On stay on my clothes?

How long Albedo100 Textile stays on depends on several factors. Major factors are; How much friction, or mechanical wearing, that occurs on the sprayed surface (e.g. rubbing against something), what material and how much is sprayed on. With jeans used in an “average every-day situation” for example, the products effect will last for a few days. Since the effect gradually will diminish, we recommend you to control the light-reflective effect and top-up with more spray at even intervals. When you wash your clothes, Albedo100 Textile will disappear, and you must repeat the application procedure. Same applies for the product Reflect-On.

How do I clean off Albedo100 products from my clothes?

Albedo100 Textile, Animal and Reflect-On disappears during normal wash. If the product doesn’t disappear completely, you have probably applied too much at a too close distance. The product will disappear though. Wet the object and wash with washing detergent and scrub the surface by hand. Remember, Albedo Industrial and Permanent ARE permanent and intended to stay on permanently, hence they cannot be washed off.

Will Albedo100 washable products stay on even if it rains?

Yes. Just remember that Albedo100 Reflective Spray and Reflect-On stick best on dry surfaces when applying. If it rains on the product after you have applied the product and it has been allowed to dry and adhere first, it is OK. Only when washed with soap or detergent the surfactants (the detergent-active ingredient) will dissolve the glue in the product. Remember, Albedo Industrial and Permanent ARE permanent and intended to stay on permanently, hence they cannot be washed off at all.

I would like to spray my kayak and my bike and wonder if there is any product that sticks on metal and plastic, that stays on for a long time and is resistant to water and detergents?

Yes, there is. Albedo100 Permanent is a permanent spray that will not disappear after wash. The effect is lasting on materials like wood, stone, pram wheels, bikes, gates, mail-boxes, kayaks, bins, plastic, rubber, tool-boxes, painted surfaces, kerbs, fences, nylon materials, hubcaps and more.

What materials will the products stick on?

Textile and Reflect-On can be applied on all types of natural materials except impregnated leather. They are developed to stick on dry materials and work best on fibrous materials such as jeans, fleece and linen (plus some fibrous types of nylon materials). The effect is limited on shiny, low adhesive surfaces like synthetic materials. Also, materials that have a waterproof surface finish are made to make sure nothing sticks to it, including our washable products (in this case use our permanent products, see below*). For Animal spray, a dry and clean fur works best. The products do not affect the objects surface, its colour or feel.

*Transparent Permanent and Industrial can be compared to a spray paint, but with a light-reflective feature and is intended for permanent use. Industrial has a light-grey colour. It is important that the object is dry and free from dirt and other loose coating when spraying. Spray sticks to dry surfaces. To achieve a good and long-lasting durability, oily surfaces and some plastic surfaces must be pre-treated with a primer before application. Soft surfaces can become stiff if sprayed with Albedo100 Industrial.

How can Albedo100 be light-reflective?

Once applied according to instructions, Albedo100 is retroreflective, meaning it reflects the light at the same angle as it hits the surface. Hence, to see the reflection from the product one must be behind the light-source. People outside the angle of light will not see the reflection. These conditions apply to all Albedo100´s products.
The retroreflection in the products are based on the principle of its particles having just the right refractive index for making the light reflect at the same angle as the source of light hitting it, for example in the same direction as a car´s headlights. This is what is called retroreflection. Out of the Albedo100 products, Industrial is the strongest retroreflective spray. In 1.5° observation angle measurements made by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (in Swedish called; SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut), Industrial has a 100% reflection effect and the other sprays around 75%, which according to our measurements have a reflective effect up to 100 m.

It says on the product that it is harmful for aquatic animals. What happens when the clothes are washed?

It is the solvent in the product that is harmful for aquatic animals, but when spraying, this substance will dry before it reaches the surface and therefore it will not be anywhere near water. Since the solvent dries before it reaches the surface when spraying, it will not be on the clothes, hence, it will not be transferred to the water when washed. The solvent used to make the particles in the bottle sprayable is of a “fat” type that dries very quick. But if anyone for some reason would pour or spray the product directly into water, this could potentially be harmful for fish and other aquatic animals who might experience problems with their oxygen uptake since the substance being insoluble in water potentially could attach to their gills, same as fat milk would do.

Will washing clothes that has an Albedo100 product applied to it affect the other clothes?

In the washable products, the reflective microspheres will get dispersed and rinsed out just like all other dirt without affecting the other clothes. A washing detergent´s job is not just to clean off the dirt from an item but also to bind it (for it to eventually end up in the drain) so other clothes in the washing machine cycle won´t get affected.


Is it dangerous to spray Albedo100 Reflective Spray on animals?

For animals you must use Albedo100 Animal Spray. It is developed to being gentle on your animal´s fur. Albedo100 Animal can be used on normal, non-sensitive fur-coated dogs, cats and horses for example. You must not use the spray on an animal that has previously shown sensitivity towards shampoo and similar products and you must never use it on animals with open wounds. Like all other spray-products, you must use Albedo100 Animal spray outdoor and take precautions not to spray the animal´s face to prevent your animal from breathing it in or getting it in their eyes. If you follow these recommendations, the product is safe to use and will increase your animal´s visibility in traffic during low-light conditions.

Does Albedo100 Animal work on a wet animal?

The glue in the product will not stick well on wet fur and the reflective effect will be strongly reduced if sprayed on wet fur. We recommend only to spray on dry fur. It is OK if the fur gets wet after the product has been applied, hence, it is only when you spray that the fur must be dry.

Where on my animal should I spray to get best results?

Best visibility is achieved when spraying on moving body parts. Legs (at the front of the forelegs and at the back of the hindlegs) and tail will give optimal visibility. If you spray the forelegs, make sure not to spray in the direction of your animal´s face. Best is to spray your animal outdoors with its head facing the wind if windy, making sure the spray mist won´t move in the direction of its face and respiratory system.