✔ Roll-on applicator

✔ Light-reflective in low-light conditions

✔ For use on textiles

Albedo100 Reflect-On is a roll-on with light-reflective properties intended for use on textiles (50 ml). This user-friendly roll-on is reflective which enhances your visibility in darkness. Easy to apply by rolling on clothes and objects like sportswear, overalls, backpacks and more. When hit by light from example a car, the light is reflected, making you visible to the driver (retroreflective).

Examples on areas of use:

Useful in low-light conditions like an evening walk, when running or riding a bike. Reflect-On does not come off in rain but can be washed off in the washing machine or by rubbing with detergent on a moist cloth. The product has a light-grey shade and its visibility vary depending on which colour and what surface-material it is being applied on. Thanks to the light-grey shade you can determine whether Reflect-On is still on yours and your child´s clothes, or if you need to apply more to maintain your visibility in traffic.

Washable – rub with detergent and a moist cloth or machine wash for spray to come off

Waterproof – the spray does not disappear if you go out in the rain

How does it work?

This user-friendly roll-on is light-reflective and enhances your visibility in darkness. When using it on a textile, Reflect-On leaves a thin layer that is reflective in low-light conditions when hit by light from example a car. The product reflects the light only in the same direction as the light-source comes from (retroreflective). Only someone behind the light-source can see the reflection. Test the effect by shining on the object in eye height with either a flashlight, with a car´s headlights approximately 20 m away, or by taking a photo using the flashlight with your mobile phone camera.


  1. Shake the roll-on vigorously +1 minute (at least 20 sec after you hear the bulb inside).
  2. Roll-on the product and let it dry (the product is water based). It normally takes about 5 min.
  3. Test its reflective properties, for example by taking a photo with your mobile phone camera using the flashlight.

Important: The roll-on ball needs some friction/resistance for it to roll. If the roll-on is used on a shiny synthetic material it can be hard for the ball to grip, and it will not roll properly. The ball normally rolls a bit easier if you “loosen” it with your fingers before applying.