✔ Transparent permanent

✔ Light-reflective spray

✔ For metal, wood, concrete, plastic & more

Albedo100 Permanent spray is light-reflective, withstands weather & wind and sticks to most surfaces. It is UV-resistant and has a long durability on materials like wood, concrete, metal and stone.

Examples on areas of use:

Albedo100 Permanent is a transparent spray suitable for using on example your bike, scooter, skateboard, helmet, roller blades, fixed objects like a hidden driveway or post or other materials and potential dangers.


How does it work?

Once sprayed on the surface, Albedo100 Permanent takes about 15 min to dry depending on temperature and humidity. In most cases the spray is transparent, but it might be perceived as light-grey depending on amount used and what surface it is being sprayed on. The spray reflects the light only in the same direction as the light-source comes from (retroreflective). Only someone behind the light-source can see the reflection. Test the effect by shining on the object in eye height with either a flashlight, with a carĀ“s headlights approximately 20 m away, or by taking a photo using the flashlight with your mobile phone camera.


  1. Spray in well-ventilated areas or outdoors, shake the spray can vigorously +1 minute (at least 20 sec after you hear the bulb inside). Repeat this process during application.
  2. Immediately after shaking, spray 30 cm away from object by applying thin layers with even swiping movements. Keep the can upright when spraying.
  3. Clean the nozzle after use by holding the can upside-down, spraying for about 1-2 sec.

Important: Spray on a different (and not important) surface to control that you are satisfied with the result. Allow at least 15 min to dry.