✔ Invisible in daylight

✔ Light reflective in low-light conditions

✔ For use on textiles

Albedo100 Textile is a spray with light-reflective properties intended for use on textiles. It is invisible in daylight on most textiles but reflective in the dark when light hits it. The spray has a light-grey shade that might be perceived as colourless, but which is light-reflective in the dark. Over-applying enhances the grey shading. Disappears after washing. Albedo100 can easily be used for enhanced visibility, read more here.

Examples on areas of use:

Useful in low-light conditions as an evening walk, when jogging or riding your bike. Spay your clothes and other textiles like shoes, pram, backpack and hat etc. with Albedo100 Textile. Textile works best on natural materials and materials with structure like fleece, cotton and wool. The effect is limited on shiny synthetic materials, and do not spray on leather which is hard to remove it from.

Washable – rub with detergent and a moist cloth or machine wash for spray to come off

Waterproof – the spray does not disappear if you go out in the rain

How does it work?

Albedo100 Textile is a unique light-reflective solution in a spray-bottle. Spraying creates a thin light-reflective layer, invisible in daylight and reflective at low-light conditions when hit by light from example a car. The spray reflects the light only in the same direction as the light-source comes from (retroreflective). Only someone behind the light-source can see the reflection. Test the effect by shining on the object in eye height with either a flashlight, with a car´s headlights approximately 20 m away, or by taking a photo using the flashlight with your mobile phone camera.


  1. Spray in well-ventilated areas or outdoors, shake the spray can vigorously +1 minute (at least 20 sec after you hear the bulb inside). Repeat this process during application.
  2. Immediately after shaking, spray 30 cm away from object by applying thin layers with even swiping movements. Keep the can upright when spraying.
  3. Air-dries in only a few minutes at +20C°.  Clean the nozzle after use by holding the can upside-down, spraying for about 1-2 sec.

Important: How long Textile Spray stays on depends on factors like what textile surface you are using it on, how much you are using and above all how much friction the surface is exposed to. With minimum friction the spray can stay on up to a week or until you wash it off. It stays on even if it rains. The surface must be dry when the spray is applied. To ensure the light-reflective effect, we recommend a touch-up when going out or checking it at even intervals. An easy way to do this is to take a photo with your mobile phone camera using the flashlight.

Tips: Cut out stencils and spray on light-reflective texts and symbols of your own choice.